If you are reading this message then it’s safe to assume that you have encountered the following message: Email Template: Failed to Save whilst working on your email campaign.

Failed To Save Email Template | EmailOut.com

Fear not, as slightly inconvenient as this can be, all is not lost. This article will guide you through an easy solution.

If your account remains idle for too long, you’ll be logged out in order to keep your account and your data secure.

If you are in the editor and this happens, you’ll get the ‘Failed to Save’ notification (as shown in the image above).

To save your work, follow these three simple steps:

1) Open a new tab in your browser

Important! DO NOT close the original tab.

2) Login to your EmailOut account in the NEW tab

3) Go back to the original tab and hit save

Once you’ve gone through the process, you can go ahead and close the new tab and resume your work on the email template in the original tab you were working in.

Top Tip: When creating and editing a campaign, save after altering each section, this refreshes your session and ensures your work cannot be lost.

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