All first-time senders go through a manual approval process. The reason for this is to make sure that your data is compliant with relevant data protection laws and your campaign meets industry standards.

Why is there an approval process?

Approving first-time campaigns is an essential and expected part of sending bulk marketing emails through a professional ESP.

At EmailOut we do not believe in tying customers into contracts so it is important for us to have an onboarding process to vet new customers and prevent those who seek to abuse the system by sending spam.

Our aim is to protect the sender reputation of all customers using EmailOut’s services by ensuring that users follow best practice, are in line with our T&Cs and are compliant with relevant data protection laws.

My Campaign Is Stuck In “Sending Campaigns”

Once you have Sent or Scheduled your first campaign it will be moved over to the Sending Campaigns section of your account (Campaigns > Sending).

There you will see the following message -

Awaiting Approval - To retain our delivery reputation, we check new accounts prior to sending. Once approved your campaigns will be released immediately.”

Once our Approval Team reviews your campaign it will either -

a) be approved without further actions on your behalf; or,

b) you will be contacted if we require additional information before approving the campaign.

How to speed up the approval process?

There are a few simple steps users can take to make sure the approval process goes smoothly -

1) complete My Profile section of your account - include contact information such as website, telephone, company name, company VAT and business address;

2) change email to ensure you’re using a business email address rather than a personal one;

3) ensure your campaign’s content matches the recipients’ expectations;

4) include a reminder in your campaign explaining how you obtained permission from the recipient. Here is an example -

5) avoid spam content such as “free”, “win”, “sale”, naked URLs and image-based campaigns; and,

6) ensure the unsubscribe link is not obfuscated.

How will I know if my campaign has been approved?

If our Approval Team sees that your campaign content is up to scratch and will perform well then your campaign will be approved and released immediately. If, however, some concerns are raised, one of our support agents will contact you with some suggestions about improving the campaign and/or request further information about the origins of the data.

N.B. Once your first campaign is approved, all future ones will be sent immediately.

How long does it take to approve a campaign?

During business hours, if the Approval Team does not require further information, we typically ask for up to 2 hours but it’s usually a lot faster than this.

Campaigns set up outside of business hours - for example over the weekend or during the holiday season - will be reviewed the first working day our agents are back.

If you wish to speed up the approval process further, please feel free to contact our Support Team via chat.

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