Sometimes manually uploading your data is best when you only have a few contacts to upload (if you would prefer to upload via a database see here)

Your data really should include additional fields such as FirstName, LastName, Company, Telephone for instance, you need to create these matching fields within EmailOut BEFORE you upload your data.

How to create data fields

1. Go to Contacts > Data Fields

2. You'll see the edit window where you will have to enter the information for your data fields.

3. When you have completed the screen, click on Save.

For more details on data fields click here.

Great, now let's get your data in.

Add contacts manually

1. Go to Contact Lists -> Select List -> Add Contacts. Make sure the ‘Copy & Paste’tab is selected. Here, you can update the title (if required), and paste in the data.

Enter the first line as a header with the fields separated by a comma (Email, FirstName, LastName, Company etc.)

Add each email address on a new line beneath the last with any additional data fields (, John, Doe, NewCo Ltd etc.) as required.

When ready, click on Import.

This takes you through to the match your field’s page.

2. Simply match the fields from the contact list to the fields from the imported data using the drop-down menu. 

And there you have it; you’ve added your contacts.

Now let’s get cracking with showing your contacts the awesomeness of your email campaign.

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