What is Segmentation?

Data Segmentation is a quick and easy solution to identify and focus on existing and prospective customers. The aim of the game is to split these contacts into smaller ultra targeted groups so you can send relevant content. By doing so, you will significantly boost your overall campaign performance such as; open rates, click through rates and ultimately your return on investment. 

How do I create a Segment?

Creating segments in EmailOut is extremely easy. You can now target single contact lists and behaviours such as; specific link clicks. 

  • Segments focus on a single contact list and will therefore only be available for campaigns sent to no more than one contact list. 

  • You can create multiple segments for each contact list. Label them wisely. 

  • Segments for different contact lists are kept separate and will not appear when creating new segments. 

  • You can select multiple segments and contact lists when sending your campaign. 

To do so, simply go to a Sent campaign of your choice to view the campaign report. You can access your reports either via Campaigns > Sent or by clicking on the Reports section on the left side. 

Now navigate to the Clicks section and drill down into the specific link you would like to target. Lastly, click on the ‘Segment’ button, enter a New Segment Name and hit OK.

You can select your new uber targeted segment when creating your follow up campaign in ‘Drafts’. Either create a new campaign or duplicate an existing or previously sent campaign then follow the 4-step process.

In Step 4: Select List & Send, go to the 'Segments' tab and simply select the segment you want. That's it.

Found someone in the Segment who shouldn’t be? Maybe a competitor who signed up to see what you’re up to… you can easily remove them by going to Contacts, Contact lists and clicking on the name of the contact list followed by the ‘Browse contacts’ tile. Lastly, select the Segment from the drop down menu on the left. Here you can search for specific contacts, delete, unsubscribe or suppress single or multiple contacts, as well as, rename the segment or delete it altogether.  

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