Every email address you store in your account is known as a 'contact'.

Contacts can have all manner of data associated with them in addition to their email address, e.g. name, gender, birthday, where they live, their preferences and so on.

Contacts are stored in contact lists. These are used for organising your contacts and for choosing who to send campaigns to. Each contact in your account exists in one or more of these contact lists.

This article will take you through the process of creating contact lists and adding/uploading contacts to them.

Creating a new contact list

You can create a new contact list in 2 ways:
 1. Navigate to Contacts > Create List or Contacts > Contact Lists > Create / Drag to duplicate.

 2. Give the contact list a name and specify the subscription type. To proceed, click Save.

 3. Before adding contacts to your contact list, you’ll want to add some Data Fields such as first/last name, gender, age, company etc. You can do so in 2 ways: Contacts > Data Fields > Create Field or Contacts > Contacts Lists > Select List > Data Fields > Create Field.

 4. Now you can give the data field a name (i.e. FirstName, LastName etc.) and determine the type of field for example single line, paragraph or date. You can add a default value, if required, and specify the validation for example text, strictly letters and numbers only, email address, URL etc.

Adding contacts to your address book

There are several ways to add contacts to your address book. The main two are:
• Adding contacts manually using our online form
• Uploading multiple contacts in an Excel or CSV file

You can also create a signup form to place on your website.

Add contacts manually

1. Go to Contacts Lists -> Select List -> Add Contacts. Make sure the ‘Copy & Paste’ tab is selected. Here, you can update the title (if required), and paste in the data.

Enter the first line as a header with the fields separated by a comma (Email, FirstName, LastName, Company etc.)

Add each email address on a new line beneath the last with any additional data fields (john.doe@example.com, John, Doe, NewCo Ltd etc.) as required.

When ready, click on Import.

This takes you through to the match your field’s page.

2. Simply match the fields from the contact list to the fields from the imported data using the drop-down menu. 

Add a contact list from an Excel or CSV file

1. When choosing to add a list of contacts from an Excel or CSV file, go to Contacts Lists -> Select Contact List -> Add Contacts. Make sure the ‘From File’ tab is selected. Select the file to upload by clicking on Browse.

2. After you have selected the file, you can update ‘Fields terminated by’ and ‘Fields enclosed by’ from the drop-down menu, if required.

When ready, click on Import.

This takes you through to the match your field’s page. Simply repeat the process as we’ve described above in the ‘add contacts manually’ section.

And there you have it; you’ve added your contacts.

Now let’s get cracking with showing your contacts the awesomeness of your email campaign.

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