Before sending out a campaign to your contacts, it's important to test it thoroughly.

Testing allows you and your colleagues to proof your email, to confirm that it contains all of the expected content, and they can feedback to you about what it looks like in their different email clients and devices.

The platform provides testing tools for you. After adding your campaign details in Step 1 and creating the content of your HTML and plain text versions in Step 2, you can ‘Preview Test’, request ‘Design Test’ and do ‘Spam Test’ of your campaign all in one place - Step 3.

Preview Test

Send a preview to you and your team by selecting an email address from the drop down list.

You can also preview your email in 70+ different email clients and mobile devices and get results in seconds by using the ‘Design Test’ .

The subject line will be prefixed with [Preview] followed by the subject line and the tracking will not be enabled as it this would be only a preview test.

Design Test

Emails render differently in every email client.

Our Design Test allows you to preview your email campaign in over 70+ different email clients and mobile devices in seconds.

In order to see the results simply click on the green Design Test button.

In case the results are not available immediately - ‘awaiting image’ - just click on the ‘Refresh’ button at the top right. 

Note: Please note the results preview might take a few seconds!

Spam Test

Keep your email out of the spam folder, no matter what email provider your recipients use.

In order to ‘spam test’ your campaign you only have to perform one single step - click on the yellow Spam Test button.

Your campaign is passed through a spam filter and is scored accordingly. 

The spam test will test your email against 23 of the most popular spam filters. In your final report you will receive pass/fail feedback in Google Apps, SpamAssasin, Barracuda, DKIM, Gmail and many more.

Note: Please note the testing requires some time and ‘pending’ will appear next to each test. In order to preview the results please click on ‘refresh’!

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