You can create web signup forms at the click of a mouse. This will enable your contacts to opt-in to single or multiple address books and collect/append valuable additional data fields.

How to create a signup form

To create a web signup form, select Forms from the navigation menu on the left and then select Create Form.

The first step is to choose the form's title.

Afterwards, you have to select the contact list (from the drop-down list) with which the form will be associated with.

The next step is to link your Privacy Policy to the signup form to ensure not only compliance with rules, regulations and legislation but also, that you have the subscriber's confirmation to email them.

Once you’ve selected the contact list you will see the data fields associated with it. You can choose which data field(s) you'd like added to your signup form by simply ticking the box next to it.

The 'preview' of your signup form is on the right and, the best part, you can re-organise the data fields simply by dragging them around. Nice, ah?

Once you are happy with your signup form, just copy and paste the code into your web page and voila. It's all done. 

You can also copy & paste the HTML code in Notepad. It will only take six easy steps.

1. Click on the HTML code tab;
2. Select the whole code (Ctrl+A);
3. Copy (Ctrl+C) the code;
4. Open Notepad;
5. Paste (Ctrl+V) the code; and finally,
6. Save As …

In order to save the form as an HTML file ensure the file name is as follows: “SignUpFormName.html” which allows you to test that the form code works correctly before giving it to your developer to include on your website.

NB You cannot link to or upload this file directly from the EmailOut campaign editor, it must be added to your website first.

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