Now that you’ve added your contacts and set up your campaign details, you are ready for the fun and creative part of email marketing – creating your campaign.

This is done using our very powerful and intuitive, but let’s not forget - easy, Drag & Drop Editor.

Once within EmailOut’s Drag & Drop Editor, you can either design your own unique template using the content, structure and body menu on the right-hand side or you can choose a free template from our library.

I. Content, Rows and Settings

NB. We recommend you start with adding rows elements (previously this section was called 'structure').


Under the rows menu, you can find different types of rows to insert into the message.

Using more than one-row type allows you to put different content elements side by side.

NB You can add to your message all the structural elements you need, regardless if you started from scratch or selected a template.

Every row has its own settings, which gives you the type of flexibility only achieved with a one-handed email in the past.

For example, you can select a background colour for an entire row, only the message area, or a specific column within it.


Now that you have a structure to your message thanks to adding rows, you can insert content elements.

This section includes a series of elements that show you the different type of content you can use in your template – text, image, button, divider and social

In order to add any of them to your template, just drag and drop the content element inside a structure element (column), it will adjust to the column width.

Every content block has its own settings, such as granular control on padding or setting borders. The right-side panel automatically switches to a property panel for the selected content element.

N.B. this section was previously known as 'body'.

Under this section, you will find different configuring message settings.

You have 5 types of configuring settings:

1. Content Area Width

2. Content Area Alignment
3. Background Colour
4. Content Area Background Colour
5. Default Font
6. Link Colour

For further details on Structure, Content and Body read here.

II. Choose a template

Now that you’ve seen how to create your campaign from scratch, let’s see what's the other way – well, choosing a free template from our free library, of course.

The process is quite simple. Once within the Drag & Drop Editor just navigate to the drop-down list at the top of the editor and then choose your template.

Once you’ve chosen the template you can use all of the editor’s features to edit and /or modify it to meet your desired criteria.

We have numerous articles which can guide you through our editor’s features and functionalities, simply click here to check them out.

There is just one final step after you are done creating your masterpiece of a template - click Save.

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