You can get detailed reports on how your campaigns have performed.

A campaign's report can be accessed in three ways - 1) directly from your Dashboard > Sent Campaigns, 2) Campaigns > Sent > Open a Campaign (from the menu of the left side) and 3) directly from the Reports section (in the left-hand side menu).

If you choose to access the sent campaign directly from the Dashboard, it'll immediately open the campaign report page.

If, however, you are accessing the sent campaign report via the second way - Campaigns > Sent - you will have one additional step which is selecting the campaign. There are additional details you can view such as the thumbnail, campaign name, subject line as well as the date and time it was sent.

Campaign overview statistics

The campaign overview statistics show top-level statistics for each of the below key metrics.


Emails sent
This report shows how many emails in total have been sent for this particular campaign.
Emails delivered
This report shows the number of emails that have been delivered to their intended recipients. If there's a difference between the number delivered and the number sent, this difference will relate to the hard and soft bounces shown further down the reporting list.


Unique opens
This report shows the number of emails tracked as being open. This is a worst-case scenario, as not all email clients or business email servers allow emails to be tracked by this metric.
This report shows the recipients who haven't opened your campaign.

This report shows the recipients who have opened your campaign as well as the number of times each recipient opened it.


Total clicks
This report shows the total number of link clicks. This includes recipients who've clicked a link more than once and/or different links.

Unique clicks
This report registers the unique number of recipients who've clicked links in your campaign.
Click to open rate
This is a key metric which shows the number of unique clicks generated by your campaign as a percentage of the total number of recipients who've opened it. As opposed to CTR (click through rate), CTOR (click to open rate) helps indicate more accurately the effectiveness of your content, as the content has actually been seen and interacted with after the email has been opened.


The bounce section in your campaign report represents two types of bounces - hard and soft. The report will also give you a diagnostic which will provide more details regarding the bounce.

Hard Bounces
This report shows the number of permanently undeliverable email addresses. This will be because they're incorrect or no longer in use.
Soft Bounces
This report shows the number of temporarily undeliverable email addresses. Generally, this will be because of 'out of office' or 'mailbox full' replies.
Unsubscribe requests
This report shows how many recipients have asked to be removed from your address book(s). These addresses are automatically removed from your address book(s) so that they can't be mailed in the future. This would apply even if these email addresses were included in a future upload to the same or different address books. They'd be automatically excluded from the upload. The Suppressed contacts option under Contacts provides a list of all addresses permanently removed.
Click complaints
This report shows the number of ISP (Internet Service Provider), complaints that have been registered against you by your recipients.

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