To remove all contacts from a contact list follow these very easy steps:

  1. Go to Contacts;

  2. Navigate to Contact Lists;

  3. Choose a contact list and open it;

  4. Go to Browse contacts - all your contacts within the list will be displayed;

  5. Select the contact or contacts you want to remove;

  6. Click Delete;

  7. You’ll be prompted to confirm the deletion (click OK).

That’s it – the contact or contacts are now removed from your contact list. Easy, wasn’t it?

Note: The contact or contacts you’ve deleted would be removed but the contact list will remain intact. You cannot delete contacts from contact lists you've sent campaigns to. If the contact list has been used then the delete option will no longer be available.

This function only removes the contact or contacts from the selected contacts list. It doesn’t remove the contact, if it has been uploaded/imported, from any other list.

If you want to remove all contacts from an email list, you can do so by going to Contact Lists > Select Email List > Remove all Contacts.

This function is only available if you have not sent email campaigns to the contacts in the contact list.

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