We’ve already covered the ‘Why EmailOut’ question but if you’ve missed what we had to say check it out here.

But, because we want no part in the usual sneaky upsells, hidden costs, restrictions and small-fonts for which you need a magnifying glass, we’ll outline the 3 key factors of why EmailOut is the best email marketing software in the world!

  • Easy to work with – there’s no need to know how to code. With us, you’ll find that everything you need is in our simple drag-and-drop editor. Designing your emails and personalising your campaigns has never been so fast or easy as it is with our editor.

  • Impact on your results – we’ll help you create a marketing message that moves people. From free spam and design testing to guarantee delivery to powerful split testing and tracking, we have it all. Full access to awesome feature-rich software – no sneaky business; no catch; no limitations.

  • Free Forever* - no set-up costs; no tricks; no hidden costs; and, no annual contract. And when you want to upgrade and unlock advanced features? You can’t. Because we’ve included them all as standard.

What features am I getting?

We are well aware there’s no one perfect email marketing software – but we come pretty close. In today’s world, there’s a variety of solutions – but, bear in mind, all email marketing software is not created equal. With that being said, choosing the perfect and most appropriate email marketing software doesn’t have to be daunting.

The most important question to ask yourself is – what features am I looking for?

Once you’ve answered that question simply take the next step – set-up you FreeForever account and try us out. You won’t regret it! We have everything you need to ‘WOW!’ your subscribers with an extraordinarily designed email marketing campaign.

And now, without further ado, we present you a list of features you’ll get – no matter what!

Visual styling – delicious designs at the tip of your fingers. You can start with one of our professionally designed free templates, then drag-and-drop to put your own twist on them or, if you already have the design ‘dancing around’ in your creative mind, start from scratch with the editor. We’ll just scratch the surface by mentioning a few features:

The benefit is that these features remove the need to re-design your newsletter every single time. You can simply re-use previous designs – it’s that easy!

Analytics, Reports & CRM – we cut through the clutter, which is a goal most email marketers strive to do, and the way we achieve it is by putting your data in the centre of your campaign – as it should be; and, if you want to integrate your CRM software we can make it happen easily with a bit of help from our top-notch developers.

  • Analytics and reporting – a summary of how your campaign is performing with metrics, all sorts of metrics. 

  • Deliverability – how many emails have been sent and how many of them were actually delivered;

  • Engagement - data on total opens and unique opens, how many recipients view your email in a web browser and how many non-openers did you have;

  • Interactions – how many times was your campaign forwarded; TLCs – no, it’s not what you might think – it’s Total Link Clicks; you can see your unique user clicks and data on CTORs (click to open rates)

  • Removes – data on bounces, unsubscribe requests and complaints.

We know it’s all text and numbers but, don’t you worry, we’ve also made sure you have some visuals to go with that reporting data – bar charts, linear graphs etc.

  • Autoresponders – one of the main reasons businesses invest in email marketing is automation, and autoresponders fit the criteria perfectly. For further details click here.

  • CAN-SPAM compliance, CASL compliance & GDPR – we are fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

  • Testing your campaign – we’ll make sure your campaigns reach inboxes - and customers – with spam testing and delivery from our reliable UK-based servers.

Is there a limitation to the features I’ll get?

Absolutely not!

Our software and all of its awesome features are available to you from the get-go.

We have no intention of tricking you with a free trial or limited functionality or being sneaky in any way!


We all want email marketing software that will add value and help us achieve our business goals by giving us the best possible service. Well – you’ve found it!

There are a lot of different features that work in combination in order to determine success and achieve greatness – EmailOut can help you achieve both and we’ll always grow with your business needs in the future.

We hope you enjoy using EmailOut and we look forward to your feedback. Any suggestions and ideas you might have – don’t be shy – share them.

We promise to always listen!

*Free Forever & Free for Life refer to our 2,500 contacts and 12,500 sends per month product, subject to fair use.

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