You’re probably wondering what we’re waffling on about with all those stars, cash cows etc. – simple – they are part of a growth-share matrix, known as BCG matrix, created by the American entrepreneur Bruce D. Henderson and often used in the marketing world.

You might think we’re trying to be fancy by mentioning it; but, the plain truth is it’s exactly what we needed, back in 1900-and-frozen-to-death, when we first set foot in the email marketing world. It’s also what helped us come up with the idea of a free email marketing software.

Basically, it doesn’t matter in which category you fall; we have something for you which will definitely help your business growth.

Now that we’re done with the brief marketing lesson, allow us to tell you what are corporate solutions for our ‘stars’ are.

Corporate Solutions for ‘Big Players’

If your business is bigger and requires a larger, more bespoke service, we can help you achieve your business goals with advice from our extremely knowledgeable and chatty specialists; provide support and give you targeted solutions.

We’ll just outline some of the bespoke solutions that are waiting for you.

  1. Dedicated account manager – they’ll make sure you’ll get the most from EmailOut;

  2. Expert support – lightning-fast and erudite phone support;

  3. Savvy sales tips – our team of Einsteins will give you advice for generating maximum ROI from your email campaigns;

  4. Made-to-measure assistance - based on your company’s precise needs, we’ll always be ready with advice, tips and – sometimes – tricks.

We’d be delighted to explain how EmailOut is the perfect fit for your business.

Get in touch with us here or open your free account here.

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