1. What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automated sequence of email messages sent to subscribers in an order and frequency of your choosing ‘sparked’ by a specific set of rules, known as triggers.

Autoresponders will be sent to anyone who ‘asks’ for them. And now you’re wondering how one ‘asks’ for an autoresponder! Let’s say you have a link in your campaign and you’ve created an autoresponder that gets triggered on link click. When the recipient clicks on the link he’s actually ‘asking’ for the autoresponder. Great way to always keep in touch with your subscribers, isn’t it?

The best part is, once you’ve set up the order, intervals and linked the contact list(s), the autoresponders never give up or get tired.

2. How to create an autoresponder?

We know that sometimes you just want to make it happen asap and not waste time. We’ve been there too!

However, once you’ve created your autoresponder(s) and they’ve been added to your list you can do whatever you like – edit, change link URLs, change associated campaigns and the best part duplicate them with a simple drag & drop. The latter being our favourite feature!

Are you ready for the nitty-gritty part? It’s really easy, Scout's honour. You can create an amazing autoresponder in just a few steps.

Navigate to Autoresponders in the menu on the left-hand side. Once there you’ll see two sub-menus: Autoresponders List and Create. If you've created an autoresponder(s) already, simply go to the ‘autoresponder list’ - they'll all be there. If you didn’t, just click on Create.

Now that you’ve started the creation process there are a few additional steps to go through before ending up with an awesome autoresponder.

1. Give your autoresponder a name and choose a catchy, interesting and one-of-a-kind subject line even if you’re just saying ‘Thank you’ – human beings like attention and to be appreciated; and also, think about a quirky preheader as well;

2. Select the trigger for your autoresponder (we've listed them below) -

a) New subscription – whenever someone subscribes to one of the contact lists;
b) Link click – when a recipient clicks on a link (or links) in your campaign; you can add as many links as you want and create as many autoresponders as you’d like; all links will be available in the drop-down menu, just make sure each link click autoresponder’s name will point out to the link it’s designed for.

c) Campaign Open –when a recipient opens the campaign he’ll receive an autoresponder showing them you appreciate their interest;
d) Forward to a friend –when a recipient finds your newsletter or campaign so outstanding they simply cannot avoid forwarding it to someone to spread its awesomeness;
e) Date Information – based on subscription date.

3. Choose the campaign which will be associated with the autoresponder and select the delay (interval) – it can be minutes, hours, days, weeks and even months until the autoresponder is triggered, it’s all up to you;

4. Choose the sender's name and email (you can add alternative emails – see here for further details);

5. Select the contact list(s) the autoresponder(s) will apply to;

6. Our favourite step, design your autoresponder – you can either import your own HTML template or use one of our editors (for further details click here - scroll to editor section);

7. Generate a plain text version (this article will help);

8. Send a preview – just to make sure the autoresponder will look awesome in an Inbox. You can choose whom to send the preview to from the drop-down list (it'll show you the added alternative email addresses);

9. Run design & spam tests;

10. And finally, save it.

N.B. Do not forget to include an unsubscribe link. If you do forget, you’ll be prompted to add it after saving the autoresponder. Check out this article for more details.

And there you have it, an awesome autoresponder which will work without a day off. Even when you're chilling on a beach with a cocktail in hand!

Create your first Autoresponder now.

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