You can add a new email address to an existing contact list by either adding the address manually or importing addresses from a CSV file.

Importing contacts is a good option when you have several email addresses to add. For further information about adding contacts read our article here.

Add a new contact manually

There are two ways to manually add email address or addresses to an existing contact list.

1. Go to Contacts > Contact Lists and hover over the list. You will see a ‘+’ sign. Just click on it and it will open the Contact Import page. By default the Import page opens the 'From File' tab so you'll have to select the 'Copy & Paste' tab.

Once there you can give a title to the import – by default the title is Manual Import – and then enter, manually, the email address or addresses.

Note: Enter the first line as a header with the fields separated by a comma (Email, FirstName, LastName, Company etc.). Add each email address on a new line beneath the last with any additional data fields (, John, Doe, NewCo Ltd etc.) as required.

After you’ve added the email address or address simply click Continue. You will be redirected to the Import page to observe the import progress and, if you wish, download the import report.

2. Go to Contacts > Contact Lists and open the list you want to add email address or addresses to. Then, simply click on Add Contacts. After that, the process of adding contacts is the same as above.

Add contacts by importing a file

We have two ways of adding an email address or addresses by importing a file which pretty much follows the exact same process as described above. The only difference here is that the Contact Import page opens on the 'From File' tab by default and you only need to choose your file from the Browse button and then click on Import.

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