You can suppress emails addresses, as well as entire domains, so they don't receive anything that you send.

If you want to be more specific, you can also suppress email addresses for individual contact lists, instead of across all of your contact lists.

You can also reverse suppressions.

To add suppression navigate to Contacts > Contact Lists; select the contact list which has the email address(es) you want to suppress and click on Browse Contacts.

Once within the contact list simply check the box on the left of the contact, click ‘Suppress’ and confirm your action by clicking OK when prompted. You have the option to select multiple contacts.

Suppressed contacts
In order to view all your suppressed contacts navigate to Contacts > Suppressions.

A list of all your contacts who have been automatically unsubscribed and suppressed by hard bouncing once, reaching their soft bounces limit or registering as an ISP spam complainant, as well as, contact you’ve manually suppressed will be displayed.

You can manually add contacts to the suppression list. See ‘Suppressing contacts’ article here.

An important note on GDPR compliance
When a suppressed contact asks you for the information you hold on them, it's called a 'Subject AccessRequest (SAR)'. This export action enables you to more fully comply with this request.

In order to fully comply, please remember that you'll still need to separately export any information that you may hold on a contact across the system.

When a suppressed contact wants you to remove them from your system, they're exercising their 'right to be forgotten'. This delete action allows you to comply with this request (but remember to delete any other data you may hold, as mentioned above).

Import Suppressions 

There are three ways you can import your suppressions:

1. You can do it by navigating to Contacts > Contact Lists > Select a contact list > Import Suppressions and either manually entering the contact(s) or uploading From File.

2. You can do it by navigating to Contacts > Contact Lists > Suppressions > Import and then either use Copy & Paste or From File.

3. Go to Contacts > Suppressions > Import and then use two of the available import options.

Easy, right?

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