Whilst you can spend a lot of time making sure the right people get the right emails, it can also be as important to make sure the wrong people don’t get emails too.

The purpose of this article is to set you in the right direction and help you find what you need when it comes to suppressing contacts.

How to suppress contacts using the system
Our flexible suppression system allows tight control over who does and doesn’t receive emails from your account.

In order to suppress contacts within a contact list, you have to navigate to Contacts > Contact Lists > Browse Contacts and select the list you want to import suppressions to.

Once within the contact list, you will be able to see all contacts in it.

In order to suppress a contact just tick the box next to it and click Suppress.

You can select multiple contacts.

Once you’ve done this you can navigate to Suppressions by either going to Contacts > Contact Lists > Suppressions or Contacts > Suppressions.

You can also Import Suppressions. There are three ways of doing it - 

1) Contacts > Contact Lists > Select a contact list > Import Suppressions
2) Contacts > Contact Lists > Suppressions > Import
3) Contacts > Suppressions > Import

A piece of cake, right?

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