Viewing your contact lists

You can view an individual contact's record by selecting Contacts from the navigation bar on the left, Contact Lists – locate the contact list you would like to view and then clicking on it.

You'll be taken to the Summary page. This page provides a summary of your list activity, with further details like delivery rate and list size. By using the List Settings you can also change the list name, as well as, the opt-in settings.

In order to view the contacts within the chosen contact list click on Browse Contacts.

You’ll be taken to the Subscribers page. This page provides contact details such as source, subscription status and date, double opt-in, bounces, suppression status and data fields details. 

You can also use the search bar to find a specific contact or choose which data fields to be viewable from the drop-down menu.

You also have a couple of contact actions available to you – delete, unsubscribe, suppress and export all.

Editing your contacts

There are three ways of editing/updating a contact:
 1. Manually adding the contact via Add Contacts -> Copy & Paste tab.

2. Uploading a file via From File tab -> Browse -> Import.

In both cases, you will be asked to ‘Match Data Fields’.

Once you’ve matched the fields make sure you’ve ticked the box ‘Update existing contacts with the imported data’ before clicking Continue.

N.B. If you've changed the opt-in settings for the chosen contact list - for example, from single to double opt-in - you must ensure the tick box for sending the opt-in confirmation email is ticked.

Now that we’ve done it your contact list has been updated with the most recent & relevant information.

A really cool feature we have is the ‘Import’ page. You can navigate to it by Contacts -> Imports. This page shows you the status of all imports. You can download the import report, as well as the suppression, duplicate and failed (if that happens) reports and check the import notes within the downloaded file for further details.

3. Directly by opening the contact via Contacts -> Contact Lists -> Select a list -> Browse contacts -> Click on the email address.

You can also access your contact lists from your Dashboard. Simply click on the contact list under My Contact Lists.

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