For those structural and content elements where you can set a border, you have the option to do so for all sizes or for each side individually. This gives you great flexibility in setting the look and feel of your email message.

The first step is to select the element in which you want to add border.

Depending on the content element you might have 2, 3 or 4 columns. In our case it’s a 2 column element.

After selecting the element a property panel, on the right side, will appear and you will see the column choices ( Column 1, Column 2, etc.) as well as the border options at the bottom of the panel.

Your next step is to select the column to which you would like to add border.

In order to see all the border options click on ‘More options’.

You will see the possible border choices for each side of the content element – top, right, left & bottom.

You can select the type of bordersolid, dotted or dashed; choose the size and last, but not least, the colour of the border.

Please see a short tutorial below on how to set the border for just one side of a column.

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