Firstly, make sure you've uploaded contacts in your Contact List(s) through the Contacts option.

If you haven't uploaded any contacts, yet, read our Getting Started guide here and find out how easy it is to do so.

If you're already in your campaign, then make sure you save your progress and head to the Contacts section.

You can create a new contact list or add contacts to an existing list.

Once you have successfully imported your contacts, navigate to Campaigns > Drafts and select the campaign that you will be sending by clicking on the campaign thumbnail.

Review the Campaign Name, Subject Line, Preheader, Sender Name and Sender Email

Select one or more contact lists to send your campaign to.

You can also make any last minute changes to the content of your campaign. Be sure to Generate Plain Text and send a final test if changes are made.

Next, you need to specify when you want to send the campaign. You can Send Now (immediately), or seta date and time for it to be sent in the future by selecting the Scheduled option.

If you choose Send Now, before the campaign is sent, you will be prompted to confirm this is what you want to do. 

If you choose to Schedule the campaign, simply confirm the date and time then select Save to close the schedule campaign dialogue box. Lastly, select Save to confirm.

Your scheduled campaign will be moved to the Scheduled tab (Campaigns –> Scheduled). To check the date and time the campaign is scheduled to go out, simply mouse over the campaign thumbnail.

You’ll notice that you also have the ability to stop or delete the campaign while mousing over the thumbnail.

If you stop the campaign you will be prompted to confirm the action and the campaign will be moved to your Drafts.

You can update the campaign details such as; Subject Line, From Name, Contact List etc. by clicking on the template thumbnail. Make sure you save afterwards!

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