Now that you have created a beautifully unique campaign, let’s send it. You can do so in Step 4: Select List & Send.

Recommended: you may wish to send to an internal test address database before a live send to your customers.

Don’t forget to view (and read!) the Terms and Conditions and agree.

You have three options presented. You can either schedule the campaign by setting date and time, send now (immediately) or save as draft.

If you decide to schedule your campaign make sure to select the correct time zone and then time. Afterwards, just click on the blue schedule button and that is it, your campaign is scheduled.

If, however, you decide to send now click on the red button. You’ll be prompted to confirm this is what you want to do, just click OK.

And, if you do not want to send the campaign for any reason just click the green Save as draft button and it’ll be stored in your Draft Campaigns section.

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