You can change the settings of an unsent campaign at any time before sending it. This allows you to come back and alter things if requirements for the campaign have changed since you first created it.

Campaign settings can be changed easily by going to Campaigns > Drafts

Simply click on the campaign tile and you’ll be taken to the campaign settings area.

Once your Draft campaign is open, you can update, change and personalise details such as Campaign Name, From address, From Name, Subject Line and Preheader

After, you've made the desired changes to your campaign details click on the Continue button (upper right) to move to Step 2: Campaign Creation.

In Step 2 you can edit the content of your Draft campaign via either the Drag and Drop Editor or the WYSIWYG editor or start from scratch with a completely new template. You can also generate and review the plain text of your email campaign.

N.B. if you've already selected a template and populated content, please keep in mind the template will be 'locked' and you'll not be able to select a new one. You will only have the options the either add elements to the current template or edit the content.

Once you are happy with the template design and the content - and have generated the plain text version - click Continue and you'll be directed to Step 3: Spam & Design Test.

In Step 3, you can send a preview of your campaign as well as perform spam and design tests before sending your campaign out into the world. To get to the final step, just click on the Continue button.

In Step 4: Select List & Send, you have to tick the box next to the permissions then you must select the contact list(s) you wish to send your campaign to. In this step, you can either choose to save the campaign as a Draft (in case you think more changes might be needed), schedule it to be sent at a desired time and date or simply send it immediately.

Quite an easy process, don't you agree?

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