Migrating from MailChimp is really straightforward. Although, there might be some terminology difference – minor ones – you might have to get used to.

Terminology Differences

Migrating your subscribers

Let’s start with getting your MailChimp subscribers moved to EmailOut.

MailChimp automatically removes unsubscribed and bounced email addresses from your list(s) hence; you can safely import your downloaded database into EmailOut.

This is how you do it:

1. In MailChimp, go to Lists;
2.Click on the list containing the subscribers you want to move to EmailOut;
3. Go to Export List;
4. On the following screen, go to Export as CSV. Your list will be downloaded to your computer as a ZIP file, you will have to extract the CSV file;
5. In EmailOut, go to Contacts;
6. Go to Create Lists and give the list a name;
7. Click Save. You will be redirected to the contact list's page.

8. Within the contact list's page you will have to create data fields which will match the list field values from your old MailChimp list;
9. Once done with the data fields, go to Add Contacts;
10. On the next page navigate to From File tab;
11. Click on Browse and choose the CSV file you extracted from your MailChimp download;
12. Click Import;
13. On the next page, you need to map (match) your old MailChimp list fields values to your new EmailOut contact data fields;
14. Click Continue and EmailOut will start importing your subscribers.

You can follow the above process for each MailChimp list that you want to move over to EmailOut.

If you have a lot of lists in MailChimp, you can simply download them all at once by going to Accounts -> Settings -> Manage my data.

Recreate your sign-up forms

In MailChimp, each list can have its own sign up form. The same goes for EmailOut sign up form.

To create a sign up form, follow the step in our Getting started – Creating a sign up form guide.

Move your email templates

We are not done yet!

The next thing we can do is move your MailChimp templates over to EmailOut. Templates are comprised of three things: the HTML; images and in some case, merge tags (used for personalisation).

Let’s tackle this the best way we know – smooth and easy!

In order to move your templates follow a few simple steps:

1. In MailChimp, go to Templates;
2. Find the template you want to migrate and choose the Export as HTML option;
3. In EmailOut, go to Campaigns > Create Campaign
4. Give name to the new campaign and enter some additional campaign details in order to move to the next step then click Continue;
5. Select HTML Import and when prompted, choose the HTML file as well as the associated images then click Import.

6. Generate the plain text version and the click Continue twice;
7. Agree to EmailOut's Terms of Use;
8. Final step, click Save as Draft.

After going through the above process your template will be saved as a Draft and easily accessible.

You have to repeat the above process for each template you would like to migrate.

After already having the template as a Draft you can do two things – open said draft and start editing so you can send the campaign or drag to duplicate the template which will leave the draft template as is and simply create a copy with which you can work. It is all up to you!

NB If you choose to work on the draft instead of ‘drag to duplicate’ it, please be advised that once sent it will then be accessible only through the ‘Sent’ tab from where you can ‘drag to duplicate’ and use the same template again.

Sending you first campaign

Now that you’ve already moved your subscribers and know how to upload your templates, do you feel ready to send your first EmailOut campaign? We’ve got plenty of help for you.

We would also recommend taking a look at your Getting Started Guides and Drag & Drop Editor articles.


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