You can make use of our file manager to do this. Also known as 'Media Library'.

How to create the event in Outlook and save the file?

Follow these steps (in the example we’ll assume you’re working with Outlook but you’ll be able to do so for various other calendar apps too):

1. Create your event in your Outlook calendar;
2. Open the event in your Outlook calendar and click File -> Save As, ensure ‘Save as type’ is set as ‘ iCalendar Format’ (.ics file) and then click Save;
3. Edit your campaign in the Editor and upload the .ics file as a downloadable link in our file manager.
4. Go to link file and insert the .ics file.

Recipients will be able to click on the link in your campaign to download the .ics file, pen it and then save the event t their calendar.

How to add the .ics file?

you can upload the file in 2 ways: via the Media Library (file manager) located under 'Autoresponders' on the left side menu or within the Editor whilst editing your campaign.

Via the left side menu

1. Go to the file manager (Media Library) and click ‘Upload files’;
2. Choose the event you’ve already saved and upload it.

That’s it! The .ics file is already in the file manager.

Via the Editor
For this example we’ve used one of our free templates to show you the process.

1. Click on the ‘button’ element in the template (you may rename it if you wish). On the left side you will see the ‘Content properties’. Under ‘Actions’ you can choose the link type and URL. You can either paste the URL, if you have it, or choose between ‘special links’ and ‘link file’.

2. Click on ‘link file’ and the File manager will open. From here you can either insert the link if you've already uploaded it via the left side menu or add it.

3. Go to the folder where the .ics file is saved or where you wish to upload it. In our case it is ‘myfiles’.

4. Click 'Upload' and choose the .ics file. If the file has already been uploaded double click on it to insert the link.

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