Are you having a hard time resizing images in your email message?

Sometimes such a thing can be time-consuming and difficult. However, it shouldn’t be this way.

The quick video tutorial at the end of this article will show you how to resize images within EmailOut’s Editor like a real pro.

Let’s say you want to have a two image element somewhere in your email message as we’ve done in the video. Just drag & drop it and that's it!

Now, add the image block and click on the browse button. This will open the File Manager.

You can either upload an image or choose from the free selection in the File manager (read more about the File Manager here).

Are you ready? Have you chosen the images? Then just select them and it’s done. They are in your email message. :)

As you will see in the tutorial, the images are not the same height and width. They might not even have the same resolution. In fact, they might have different pixel dimensions.

Now you are asking yourself ‘How can I resize these images so they have the same proportions?’

Well, you do have different options available like an online image editing tool; downloadable software; or, asking your web designer to do it for you but do you really have to go through all the time-consuming hustle? Not anymore.

One of the cool integrations of the EmailOut Editor is the image editor. You can use it to edit your images in seconds and there is a variety of available options like filters, shapes, stickers, frames, etc.

Click on the image and then go to Apply effects and more, the photo editor will open instantly. 

Go to the Crop tool and choose the desired ratio setting, Apply and then, Save.

Do the exact same thing to the other image.

And there you have it!

You’ve resized your email message images in record time with such ease that even the web designers will feel envious!

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