Any sent or draft campaigns that you've created can be copied to your template library for future use. This is handy as it means you can easily modify preferred designs for continual re-use, avoiding having to repeatedly copy and then edit a specific campaign, or, even less preferably, start completely from scratch! 

Steps to convert a campaign into a template

There are three ways of converting a campaign into a template: 

1. When you create a new campaign;
2. When you have a campaign which is a draft; and finally,
3. When you duplicate a sent campaign.

Note: If you are doing it the third way, please note the duplicated campaign will be displayed in the ‘Drafts’ tab.

Now we’ll cover the three different ways in more detail starting, of course, from the first one – creating a new campaign.

Go to Campaigns > Create Campaign, follow the Campaign details set up process then click Continue to reach the Campaign Creation stage where you'll find the Drag and Drop Editor.

Once you are happy with the template you’ve designed just click on Actions > Save as template and that’s it.

Note: You'll be prompted to give your template a name. 

The second way is when you have a Draft campaign.

Go to Campaigns > Drafts.

All your Draft campaigns will be displayed. Now, just click on the campaign you want to convert into a template and from there, follow the same process explained above – open Drag & Drop Editor > Actions > Save as template.

The third way is when you duplicate a sent campaign.

Go to Campaigns > Sent. Choose the campaign you want to convert to a template and simply drag it to Create/Drag to duplicate.

You will have to confirm duplicating the campaign. Once that’s done, you will be redirected to the Draft page where the duplicated campaign is now displayed as ‘Copy Campaign Name’ (ex. If the original campaign is ‘Newsletter Week 42’ the duplicate will be ‘Copy of Newsletter Week 42’.)

In order to convert the duplicated campaign into a template just follow the same process described above – open campaign -> Drag & Drop Editor > Actions > Save as template.

To use the template, simply go to Campaigns > Create campaign > Drag & Drop Editor and select the template from the drop-down menu.

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