The campaign setup screen, very much the first create step of the campaign creation process, contains important information that will have an impact upon whether your email is opened by your recipients.

Make the best use of this first step as it is the first chance to communicate with your contacts.

The first step is to give your campaign a name.

Then, you need to select the from address from your drop-down list. You can add alternative email addresses if you need to. Afterwards, choose a from name - it's what your recipients will see when they receive your email campaign. It can be your full name, the company’s name or an alias your contact list is familiar with and had received emails from it the past.

Then think about a subject line. This is what will appear in your contacts’ email client. We recommend trying to get all the important information in the first 60 characters of the subject line.

The next step is to choose the preheader. This is the short summary text that follows your subject line when your clients view your message in their Inbox. Its purpose is to tip off the recipient about what the email contains before they even open it.

If you are happy with the details you’ve entered simply move to the next step – creating your email campaign.

That’s it! Your campaign details are all set up.

Let’s move forward and create that outstandingly stylish email campaign for your recipients! You can see how to create your campaign with EmailOut’s Drag & Drop Editor here.

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