The campaign setup screen, very much the first create step of the campaign creation process, contains important information that will have impact upon whether your email is opened by your recipients.

Make the best use of this first step as it is the first chance to communicate with your contacts.

Completing the campaign setup screen

The information required on the campaign setup screen is as follows:

1. Campaign name – it will appear in the campaign list;
2. Subject line – enter a quirky subject line that the recipients will see when the campaign arrives in their inbox;
3. Preheader – some email clients, Apple products in particular, show the hidden preheader text before the subject line;
4. Sender name – you can enter the name of a specific person or department that you would like to show this campaign was sent from;
5. Sender email – this is the email address your recipients will see as the ‘sender’ of the campaign. By default, it would be your email as the main user. However, if you have alternative email address you’d like to appear as the ‘sender’ you can use the drop-down menu. For more details read here.

Once you’ve completed all the relevant fields you can either start creating your campaign or simply Save it as Draft and come back to it later.

If you want to continue with creating your campaign we have numerous useful articles for our Drag & Drop Editor here, as well as campaign related ones here.

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