You can perform an inbox (design) and spam filter test of your campaign. This allows you to see how your campaign will look in a lot of different email clients.

It also provides you with results on whether your campaign will get through various spam filters – we test against 23 of the most popular spam filters.

NB Inbox (design) and spam filter test can take some time to complete.

Accessing the inbox (design) test

You can request a design test either whilst creating your campaign or if you have a draft campaign and you want to see how it’ll look in different email clients.

If you want to perform an inbox test during the campaign creation stage just scroll down until you reach Design Test and then simply click on Request Design Test.

Important: Make sure you have set up the campaign details, agreed to the terms & conditions, and generated a plain text version of your campaign!

The results will be shown at the bottom – just scroll down a bit.

If you have a draft campaign and you want to do an inbox test just navigate to Campaigns -> Draftsand click on the campaign.

Next step is scrolling down to get to the Design Test section and the final step – click Request Design Test.

Results will be displayed towards the end of the page.

You can also access your draft campaigns via the dashboard under the Draft Campaigns section. Simply click on the campaign or, if the campaign is not listed, on View All>>.

Accessing the spam test

You can request a spam test following the same steps as when requesting an inbox (design) test.

1. On campaign creation page – Campaigns -> Create Campaign follow the process of creating a campaign: set up details, create a message and generate plain text – and then scroll down to Spam Test section and click on request spam test.
2. From Draft page – navigate to Campaigns -> Drafts – open the campaign – go to Spam tests section. Or, you can also access drafts from your dashboard under the draft campaigns section.

The results will be displayed in a separate window.


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