Go to Campaigns -> Create Campaigns. Here, you will need to give your campaign a name, a quirky subject line, preheader text (some email clients, Apple products in particular, show the hidden preheader text before the subject line) and a sender name. After you have provided these details, check the contact list(s) you will be sending to (Recommended: you may wish to send to an internal test address database before a live send to your customers). Don’t forget to view (and read!) the Terms of Use and agree.


Now that you have sorted that out, it’s time to get excited because you’re about to get creative with making a stylish and one-of-a-kind campaign.

You can import your own HTML templates, or to get your creative juices flowing, simply use one of the many professionally designed templates in our seamless Drag & Drop Editor or our classic WYSIWYG editor.

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